Pan-Filovirus Antibodies

IBT is developing monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics for filoviruses. IBT and its collaborators have identified a set of unique antibodies and antibody cocktails with broad-spectrum protection against Ebola, Sudan, and Marburg. The candidates show remarkable affinity, potency, and protection in animal models.

IBT’s pan-filovirus mAb lead series has shown efficacy in vitro and in mouse models of filovirus infections. The mAbs appear safe in studies to date. Backup leads have also been identified. Select leads will be tested in nonhuman primates.

The goal of IBT’s pan-filovirus antibody program is to develop an immunotherapy with primary indications for therapy and post-exposure prophylaxis of filovirus infections. The next step in our pan-filovirus mAb program is to conduct further characterization and evaluation of the candidates, to select a single mAb or cocktail to advance toward IND and clinical trials.