Ba-ISTAb is an engineered antibody for treatment of infections caused by Bacillus anthracis. The strategy is based on a novel technology that uses Infection Site Targeted neutralizing anti-toxin Antibodies (ISTAb). ISTAbs are directed to the site of infection through specific phage-derived cell wall targeting (CWT) domains that bind specific bacterial species.

ISTABs unique properties:

  • Accumulate at the site of infection through binding to the bacteria,
  • Capturing and sequester the toxins as they are released, thereby immediately neutralizing their immune suppressive and tissue destructive effects and prevent toxemia.
  • As the Fc receptor binding sites in the ISTAbs remain intact, ISTAbs mediate opsonophagocytic killing, thus providing a means for concurrent toxin neutralization and bacterial clearance.

Ba-ISTAb is a fusion of a B. anthracis specific CWT with a potent monoclonal antibody that neutralize Anthrax toxin (PA).