IBT in collaboration with Integral Molecular (Philadelphia, PA) and US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious diseases (USAMRIID) receive a collaborative SBIR grant from NIH, entitled Remodeled glycoprotein for broad protection against ebolaviruses.

Beside the Zaire strain of Ebolavirus other ebolaviruses such as Sudan virus, Bundibugyo virus as well as the more distant relative Marburg virus have caused highly lethal outbreaks.  As the nature of future ebolavirus disease outbreaks cannot be predicted, development of broadly protective vaccines for ebolaviruses is urgently needed.

Under the phase I of this SBIR, IBT and collaborators with generate a series of novel vaccine candidates based on engineering of ebolavirus glycoprotein. The vaccine candidates will be evaluated in rodents for their ability to protect against lethal challenge with various ebolaviruses.